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Attached is all the information you need to hold Spa Parties.  I LOVE these events.  This is my 2017 version…no water/buckets, and introducing the new Charcoal Mask.  I have included closing sheets for the Repair and Miracle Set, an outline and a check list.  Below is some suggested dialogue you can use to get booked up. Text or Telephone Message: Hey Girl!  I am super excited!  I’m involved in a pilot program and I want you to join me.  Lots of fun and free Mary Kay products for you.  Give me a call or let me know the best time to cal you so I can share the details.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!! When you speak with her on the phone: Hi, __________,  I am super excited.  I have something fun to share with you, do you have a quick minute?  My Mary Kay Sales is kicking off a fun event called an Ultimate Spa Party.  It involves “head to toe pampering”, and is very casual and relaxing. I have been asked to select 6 of my favorite (friends, customers, family) to participate in our pilot program and join me as we introduce this special party.  Of course, I immediately thought of you…(Why?  You are so much fun, your are so supportive, you are always game for new things, etc.).  I’d love for you join me in introducing this fun party.  I will bring everything we need.  You can have up to 5 friends join you for a couple of hours of absolute pampering.  Just for helping me with this new pilot program, you will receive…. Booking Incentives: The above dialogue is geared towards people you know.  Therefore, you can be a little more “bold” with your incentive plan.  Your customers and friends/family are not likely to take advantage. You can offer $100 in free product and use the attached party girl hostess breakout where she gets $20 for each thing she completes on the list. Or you can also offer a glamour item (if she’s into color) at ½ price for each non Mary Kay user over 21, who attends the Party. Or you can give her a 50% off shopping spree, no limit the day of the party, for having 5 non Mary Kay users over 21, at her party, or 10% for each person in attendance, 3 people = 30%; 4 people = 40%. If she is a great customer, I offer $100 gift certificate when she has 5, non Mary Kay users over 21, at the party.  No other “strings attached”.  That is $50, my cost or $10 per guest.   I feel confident that it is more than likely, the sales will meet and far exceed my “investment”. This is very do-able.   That can be done  if you coach, coach, coach, and incentivize your hostess to have 5 in attendance (inviting 8-10).  To hold 6 parties, you will want to overbook to allow for those that reschedule. On your Mark, Get Set, Go…Happy Booking!!!